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Space Health Research is at the forefront of the new space age. We simulate the exploration of space to benefit life on earth.

Who we are.

Space Health Research specialise in analogue missions that simulate the exploration of space to advance benefits for life on Earth. We do this by deploying our analogue mission design to natural environments that have similarities to space – challenging conditions, limited resources, and isolated environments. Our analogue missions enable scientific and technological research for space exploration that reap benefits for life on Earth. We aim to inspire all nations through our space exploration experience programme, where people can gain certificated courses in skills that astronauts need during a space exploration mission.

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What we do.

We help researchers to lead pioneering scientific discovery by shaping our analogue mission designs to enable their studies to take place. All fields related to space exploration are included, such as medical technology, astrogeology, and the social sciences.

We provide consultancy services to national and private space agencies to develop their own research strategies, training programmes, and analogue missions. We also consultancy services to scientific, academic, and industry researcher institutions.

Our experience program allows people to get hands on with the research that take place during our analogue missions so they can experience what it is like to be an astronaut on a space exploration mission. We also offer certificated courses in skills astronauts are trained in. Bookings available soon.

UK Space Agency

Space Health Research has Completed the UKSA Explore Business Accelerator Program

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Armed Forces Covenant.

Space Health Research is profoundly honoured to have been granted the Bronze Award from the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS). This was awarded to us by the Armed Forces Covenant. Back in 2011, the government established the Armed Forces Covenant to ensure that service personnel are recognised for their sacrifices. In particular, it is dedicated to giving them access to government and commercial services. Since it was published, more than 2,500 businesses have signed up and pledged their support.

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