Announcing Our Food Sponsor: Summit to Eat

︎ 27 July 2023

We are delighted to welcome Summit to Eat as the food sponsor for our upcoming Meili-I Mission. This collaboration will fuel all members of the team during our next analogue mission - a British-based endeavour to improve health in remote environments, on Earth and in space.

Summit to Eat is an outdoor food brand brought to life by the experienced team at European Freeze Dry. They specialise in crafting high-quality and delicious freeze-dried products from natural ingredients. Their meals will feed both our Analogue Astronauts and the dedicated Mission Control team during next month’s Mission.

Given the ambitious nature of our mission tasks and the challenging environment our teams will confront, it is essential to provide high-calorie, nutritious meals. Each team member will be carrying their own camping and research equipment, so Summit To Eat’s freeze-dried meals are a perfect compact option for us. Our teams have chosen their meals from a range of high-calorie options containing 1000kacl tightly packed in each packet.

We can’t wait to tuck in soon. 16 days til mission launch...

You can find more information about Summit to Eat (via European Freeze Dry) here and our Meili-I mission on our dedicated webpage.

︎: @summit_to_eat