Bronze Award
from the
Armed Forces Convenant.

︎ 29 July 2023

Space Health Research is profoundly honoured to have been granted the Bronze Award from the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS).
This was awarded to us by the Armed Forces Covenant.

Back in 2011, the government established the Armed Forces Covenant to ensure that service personnel are recognised for their sacrifices. In particular, it is dedicated to giving them access to government and commercial services. Since it was published, more than 2,500 businesses have signed up and pledged their support.

Our CEO, Myles Harris, and Director of Business Development, William Dooley, are proud to be Army Cadet Officers. Therefore, they felt it was crucial for Space Health Research to pledge. We are honoured to have now received the Bronze Award, and hope we can continue to support and employ service personnel.

If you are part of the Armed Forces Community, there’s a huge amount of support available. To find out how to access these services, please visit: