CEO on Panel of ‘Future of the Space Industry’ with Former NASA Chief Scientist

︎ 5 August 2023

Our CEO and Founder, Myles Harris, was invited to take part in the 'Future of Space' event at King's College London, alongside NASA's ex-chief scientist Dr Jim Green. Myles was invited to be a member of the panel to represent Space Health Research, and as a subject matter expert in space exploration.

The event was organised by the King's Space Society to discuss key topics about the space sector, including health. It was held at Bush House’s Auditorium on the Strand in London and brought together leading figures in the space sector. 

Dr Jim Green was NASA Chief Scientist from 2018 to 2022. During this time, NASA began to transition into a new phase of commercial development. This will help to maintain NASA’s presence in low-Earth orbit, however the venture has not been without controversy. The audience and panel had the chance to hear from Dr Jim Green, and ask questions.

For more information on Jim Green, please click here.

Myles spoke about the challenges of off-world living and the importance of using research about space exploration to catalyse initatives to benefit life on Earth. Myles' vision for Space Health Research is to provide access to analogue missions so academic and industry research can take place and work towards solving these challenges. During the panel Myles highlighted,  

"there is only one Earth that we know about, so we need to look after it."

This was an important networking event which brought together experienced members of the space sector, as well as the general public, to discuss issues of the future. Thank you to King’s Space Society for this opportunity!

Jim Green, former NASA Chief Scientist

Bush House, the Strand, London

Our CEO and Founder Myles Harris on the panel