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Space Health Research is at the forefront of the new space age. We simulate the exploration of space to benefit the health of people and the planet.

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Our First Mission

Meili-I: Simulating Planetary Exploration

Space Health Research is launching its first analogue astronaut mission Meili-I in August 2023. Meili-I will simulate elements of space travel and test new idea and technologies. Inspired by Meili, Norse God of Exploration, Meili-I will drive cutting edge space health research.  

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Who we are.

Space Health Research is a consultancy  that specialises in analogue missions that simuate the human and technological exploration of space to advance benefits for life on Earth. We do this by our analogue missions taking place in remote environments on Earth that have similar characteristics to space – harsh conditions, limited resources, and long evacuation times.

Our analogue missions enable researchers, organisations, and companies to test products, services, and technologies in a space-like environment, without the prohibitively high costs associated with sending people to space. The benefits of our analogue missions to our clients are the challenges of space exploration, which are simulated to catalyse innovation and development. As well as contributing to the advancement of space exploration, all of our work has tangible benefits to life on Earth.

What we do.


Space Health Research investigates health in the extreme environment of space to drive innovation, development, and technology that can be applied to health systems on Earth.

We work with adventure tourism companies, health authorities, military forces, and humanitarian NGOs to conduct policy analysis to identify how products and services can benefit their health systems.

Through our consultancy services, we share the findings of our research and policy analysis with organisations who operate in remote, rural, and austere environments. We also provide training for those seeking to gain experience in extreme environments.

We provide education for school children and above in STEAM subjects that relate to health in space and remote and rural environments on Earth. Our outreach programme aims to inspire the next generation of space professionals.

What happens during an analogue mission?

Space Health Research analogue missions replicate the whole journey of space missions, from the selection of astronauts, to spaceflight, and the human/robotic exploration of other planets. We use our analogue mission design process to ensure our missions are uniquely suited to our client needs, from the research and testing methods, to data capture processes and analysis post-mission.

We use our consultancy framework to design a bespoke analogue mission for clients. This includes conducting a robust analysis of the product, service, or technology to understand its strengths and areas for improvement. We use this information to propose an analogue mission design, then collaborate on adapting the design to best suit each client’s needs. The final design is then approved and allocated to the most suitable analogue mission that we run.