Official Alumni:
UK Space Agency Explore Programme

︎ 28 July 2023

Good news! Space Health Research has successfully completed the UK Space Accelerator Business Programme, becoming an alumni alongside other start-ups bursting into the space sector.

This 9-week programme gave our CEO and Founder, Myles Harris, the chance to build and refine Space Health Research. The programme, described as an ‘accelerator sprint’, allowed Myles to delve into the inner workings of our company - starting with business mindset. He benefited from frequent 1:1 sessions with growth experts who discussed key entrepreneur qualities which are essential for growing a company. They also explored the space sector supply chain, looking at where Space Health Research is best placed within this budding market. This included a comprehensive analysis of our business model, ensuring that everything is fully functional. Finally, they provided methods to establish Space Health Research as a sustainable brand - a crucial element to the programme. As well as individual sessions, Myles was involved in regular drop-ins and group sessions aimed at tackling key challenges.

Myles is pleased to have connected with a community of like-minded space enthusiasts, and honoured to have met so many founders and veterans of the industry. We would like to offer everyone in the Explore cohort our sincere congratulations for completing the programme and we hope to be in touch soon!

Exciting times are ahead… we hope you’ll stick along for the ride!

︎: @spacegovuk