Our CEO and Founder Myles Speaks to BBC Science Focus

︎ 1 August 2023

Myles was invited by BBC Science Focus to contribute as a subject matter in space health. 

The article, linked here, is based on a recent study that has shown space travel literally changes how genes in white blood cells work. The rapidly decreasing strength of our immune systems is likely caused by ‘fluid shift.’ This is where microgravity causes blood plasma (containing white blood cells) to move up the body. 

Astronauts that go on a 6 month mission, will recover fully within 1 year. However, with the expansion of the space industry, scientists must also develop ways to ensure safety for longer-term space travel. According to Myles, this “would also make valuable contributions to the design of personalised medicine on Earth.”

Myles is honoured to have had the chance to raise this important issue and hopes that advancements continue to be made in this field. Here at Space Health Research, we are dedicated to simulating the exploration of space to benefit the health of people and the planet.