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Meili II

Launch Countdown: 20 days 19 hours 17 minutes 41 seconds

To build on the successes of our Meili I analogue mission, we will be returning to the same location for Meili II! 

Just like a returning mission to another planet, Meili II will feature some studies from last year so more data can be collected. However, new studies will also be included in the flight plan. See the research proposals page for more information about how your research could be featured in Meili II. 

Applications for our Analogue Astronaut selection and training programme are open NOW and close on March 17th. As always, our analogue missions are research led. This means additional selection criteria for our Analogue Astronauts will be determined by the research programme. We are also recruiting for our Mission Control Team, who are vital to enabling our analogue missions to take place with high-fidelity simulation. For more information about being an Analogue Astronaut or joining the Mission Control Team, see our applications page.

This year, we are also launching our Space Exploration Experience Programme. Events will be run throughout the year during which you can try out some of the research taking place for space exploration, and even gain recognised certifications. Topics related to Space Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths are included in the programme. Keep an eye on our website for upcoming dates being published soon. 

Application Form For Mission Research

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